Your Itinerary

Your Bathurst experience includes a combination of daily boat trips, plus hiking and exploring the tundra. There is something for all ages, physiques, and interests at each spot we visit.

Blue Loo cruising Bathurst Inlet

Our tour boat, called the “Blue Loo”, is a 40 ft. X 16 ft. pontoon boat that is ideal for the Inlet. It is very stable, suitable for binoculars and spotting scopes. We can also land pretty just about anywhere, and the gangplank makes disembarking easy. A sea-going outhouse on the boat reduces anxiety in a land without trees. Hence the name the Blue Loo.

Here are some samples of day trips, or download a weekly itinerary here

Wildflower photography in the magic arctic evening light

Parnassia palustris

Yes, it’s the midnight sun, but, even more importantly, we have the magic evening light of the arctic that lasts for hours as the sun slowly passes across the northern sky. This photographically “... Read More »

Early morning birding from the Lodge

yellow warbler

Many birds are active in the early hours of the morning, and can be seen on short walks before breakfast. The grey-cheeked thrush and white-crowned sparrows sing from the steeple of the church or... Read More »

Burnside Delta Hike

Red-necked phalarope

Another hike of great interest for a windy day or when we have a group of ardent birdwatchers, is a hike on the Burnside Delta. Here, sand dunes deposited after the retreat of the continental ice... Read More »

Canso Bay and Bathurst Ridge

Hikers on Bathurst Ridge

Occasionally, when the ice is close or winds too high to go on the open waters of the Inlet, we hike from the lodge or take the boat around Peregrine Point to a place called Canso Bay. From here,... Read More »

Bear Island and Quadjuk Thule Sites

View of Bear Island

A wonderful nearby boat trip, often saved for the last day, is a trip to the near islands, Bear Island and the south tip of Quadjuk. Our landing area sports one of the most ideal skipping stone... Read More »

Amethyst Point and Quadjuk Narrows

Hiker at Amethyst Point

One of our most popular trips takes us to the east side of the Inlet, and requires cooperative winds and weather. We cruise between Red Sandstone Island and Quadjuk, looking for wildlife, and cut... Read More »

Fishing Creek, Poppy Island and Cache Island

Lunch break at Fishing Creek

This area has been an important fishing and hunting place for millenia, and archaeological sites abound. It also offers an opportunity for our guests to try their hand at fishing for arctic char... Read More »

Bird Island and Tinney Cove

Bird Island

On this day trip across the Inlet, we visit a small island with nesting common eiders and glaucous, herring, and Thayer’s gulls, watching for common and king eiders, long-tailed ducks, and jaegers... Read More »

Quadjuk Sandstone Heads and Oldsquaw Bay

Hiking the tundra on Quadjuk Island

There is an explosion of wildflowers on South Quadjuk Island. We land on a sandstone pebble beach and climb up a gentle slope incredibly rich in flowers. Early on, pink rhododendron, mountain... Read More »

Young Island and Sally’s Cliff, Peregrine Hunt

Birders with binoculars

Young Island is some 15 miles long, and its high arched profile interrupts the midnight sun briefly when viewed from the Lodge. Here, we stop at several spots where the slopes are carpeted with... Read More »

FON Island, Hidden Lake and Seal Cache Island

View from FON Island

FON Island (after the Federation of Ontario Naturalists) is a small island with a freshwater pond and a rocky ridge that sometimes houses a peregrine. Caribou often hang out here because of the... Read More »