Seal Cache Island


Many of our guests return many times to savour the delights of the natural world around Bathurst Inlet. Some guests are amazed at the adaptations of plant life, others are struck by the variety of bird life in the arctic summer and still others are enchanted by the opportunity to creep up on a grazing muskox, or spy a band of caribou browsing tasty summer plants.

“Some days, everywhere you looked was a photograph waiting to be captured: redpolls, white crowned sparrows, and yellow warblers, all the way up to ptarmigan and of course, the caribou! What a thrill this has been! We're so glad that you shared it with us. ”
— Ted & Kathy Krug, Kobel, ON
“There is probably nowhere on this earth with quite the same access to such a rare environment. How privileged I was to be part of this for a brief moment in my life.”
— Stephen Burnett, Kingston, ON
“I came to be refreshed, to experience unspoiled land and find spiritual sustenance. I leave with renewed faith in people . . . and a restored optimism in all things. A truly wonderful, memorable week. ”
— Norman Metzger, Indianapolis, IN
“There is no way I could have ever imagined the spectacular experience I have had the past week. Thanks to Page, the Warners and the Kapolaks for making this possible. Such peace and beauty I have never before enjoyed. ”
— Jim & Helen Blakelock, Ajax, ON
“I’ve traveled the Arctic on skis, crampons, snowshoes, by qamutik and raft, but never have I had a chance to learn as much or interact in a meaningful way with the people who call this harsh, beautiful land home. Thank you, Sam, Jason and all of the Inuit, and especially Page. ”
— Jo Ann Creore, Edmonton, AB
“There are a million travel packages out there, but none we have ever seen gave us the feeling that we would be appreciably integrated into the community or place being visited. This community feeling is a priceless characteristic of Bathurst.”
— Mike & Pat Boring, New Mexico
“Dedicated personal service, superb food and a great interpretive service in a wilderness area. All you have to do is keep breathing and enjoy the wildlife. ”
— Dr. Terry Bassett, Lethbridge, AB
“My fifteenth visit, and each one better than the last; wonderful people, wonderful scenery, and always something new! ”
— Cynthia Chalk, Philipsburg, QC
“The Arctic scenery is awesome, the animals that we saw were amazing; the lodge itself is cozy, but what really makes the place special is the people.”
— Isabelle Ford, Sarnia, ON
“When life is too hectic and demanding, I shall stop and remember with respect and gratitude that I have been so privileged to visit here. Thank you to everyone. ”
— Hazel & Roger Sumner, Wiltshire, UK