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The Lodge Story

Bathurst Inlet Lodge is one of the oldest ecotourism lodges in the North. Based in an historic Hudson Bay Trading Post and a small mission church, Bathurst began offering ecotourism experiences in 1969.

At one time, there was a small Inuit community at Bathurst Inlet. Prior to the coming of “outsiders” to the land, the Inuit followed the caribou inland in summer, returning to the Inlet in the fall to build their snow houses (igluit) on the sea ice. There were no permanent buildings or communities. When traders came to the central arctic coast, some people began to live near the posts, often working for the traders. At the mouth of the Burnside River, a small Inuit community developed, one of the oldest permanent settlements in all of Nunavut. Today the descendants of the Kingaunmiut share ownership in Bathurst Inlet Lodge with the Warner family.